I’m really pleased to announce that I am writing for the BULK POWDERS™ blog, The Core!


If you haven’t already heard of BULK POWDERS, they are an online sports nutrition brand providing high quality products at affordable prices. The company motto, ‘Performance Delivered’, is what the brand is all about. Their products are designed to help you to achieve your training and dietary goals alongside a healthy diet.

The company puts a huge emphasise on quality. For anyone who is into their training, you need to know what you’re putting in your body and this means using brands you can trust. One of the main ways BULK POWDERS do this is by forging long term relationships with suppliers, which helps to ensure that the ingredients going into the products are of a high quality. The company website reveals that they have worked with the same whey supplier since 2005, which also shows that from the supplier side the company are obviously good to work with.

BULK POWDERS are also a member of ESSNA (the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance), a European committee overseeing the sports nutrition industry in Europe. The company also carry out there own independent quality testing.



BULK POWDERS was founded by Adam Rossiter and Elliot Dawes whilst they were at university. They began selling supplements online in 2005 and the company has grown significantly since then. The operation has now moved to a 16,000 square foot warehouse and production facility based in Colchester in Essex.

This facility allows the company to produce most of their products in-house, which keeps costs low and these savings are then passed on to us, the consumer, through affordable product pricing.

The company now sells in 13 countries worldwide and is looking to expand their international reach further having posted sales figures of £24 million in 2016.

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Why Did I Want To Write For BULK POWDERS?

The sports nutrition industry fascinates me and is something I am really interested in, which is the main reason I started this blog. BULK POWDERS is a company I have started to hear a lot about over the last few years and I began to buy products from them. I was impressed with the delivery service, prices and above all the quality of the products.

The opportunity to play even a small part in the company’s continued growth was something that excited me greatly.

I’d like to thank Rebecca Green at BULK POWDERS for allowing me to become a writer for The Core, and I look forward to writing a number of articles going forward!