Protein bars are a highly convenient snack. If you’re following a high protein diet, then it can be difficult to get your daily protein allowance from food alone, especially if you’re busy throughout the day. This is where protein supplements can help you out, delivering a high source of protein quickly, with minimum fuss. A protein shake is a pretty convenient way to consume a high amount of protein quickly, but a protein bar is even more convenient. I’ve tried many protein bars over the years and one of the main issues is always taste and texture. Improving the taste often has a negative impact on the macros.

On the surface of it BULK POWDERS latest protein bar offering,  MACRO MUNCH, seems to provide the perfect solution boasting taste and excellent macros. This is a protein bar I’ve been really looking forward to trying out, so what do I think of MACRO MUNCH?

BULK POWDERS’ Gourmet Protein Bar

I recently took delivery of a box MACRO MUNCH protein bars in Morerish Mint Choc Chip flavour. The bar comes in really nice packaging, with the macros clearly labelled on the front, which is really useful for anyone trying to keep tracking of their macros. Overall the texture and taste of the bar where great, making it a really enjoyable snack. The consistency of the bar is very good and it’s great to know that you’re eating a snack that tastes like a chocolate bar but only contains 2.1g of sugar! Which is pretty amazing considering that this is a chocolate based protein bar.macro munch protein bars from bulk powders

The only negative thing I can think of about the Moreish Mint Choc Chip bar is the little chocolate balls placed on the top, which do have the habit of falling off. Therefore, it isn’t the best snack if you’re in the car because you can pretty much guarantee that little chocolate balls are going to fly everywhere and make a bit of a mess. Without having tried other flavours I can’t say for certain that this is a trait with all MACRO MUNCH flavours or just the Moreish Mint Choc Chip. This is just a small gripe though, and certainly doesn’t take anything away from this being a great protein bar for anyone looking for a great tasting, high protein snack.

This protein bar is available in a number of different flavours including Magnificent Millionaires Shortbread, Brilliant Birthday Cake, Really Rocky Road and Crumblin Cookies & Cream, so I look forward to trying out a few additional flavours in the future.

A box of 12 bars will cost you £29.88, meaning £2.49 per bar, but the good news is that BULK POWDERS regularly have sales and provide discount codes to input at checkout, so you can get a box of these bars for much cheaper than this.

Check out his video from BULK POWDERS about the MACRO MUNCH protein bars:

MACRO MUNCH Macros per Bar


Protein 20g
Carbohydrates 16.1g
Fat 9.3g
Sugar 2.1g


The Verdict

I’ve certainly been impressed with the new products coming from BULK POWDERS recently, such as the Performlite Seamless T-Shirt, and the MACRO MUNCH protein bar is no exception. If you’re looking for a high protein snack, then you should certainly give MACRO MUNCH protein bars a try!