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MACRO MUNCH Protein Bar Review

Protein bars are a highly convenient snack. If you’re following a high protein diet, then it can be difficult to get your daily protein allowance from food alone, especially if you’re busy throughout the day. This is where protein supplements can help you out, delivering a high source of protein quickly, with minimum fuss. A protein shake is a pretty convenient way to consume a high amount of protein quickly, but a protein bar is even more convenient. I’ve tried many protein bars over the years and one of the main issues is always taste and texture. Improving the taste often has a negative impact on the macros.

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5 Vegetables Packed with Protein

There are plenty of foods high in protein in the meat and dairy families, but there is perhaps more confusion over what vegetables you can eat that are high in protein. Luckily there are some great high protein vegetable options on offer.

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Is Coconut Oil Actually Healthy?

Over the last few years coconut oil has become increasingly popular and is promoted as a healthy alternative to other cooking oils such as olive oil. The coconut based product market is now worth over £100 million a year in the UK. Numerous celebrities and fitness personalities promote coconut oil, but is it actually beneficial for your health?

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How Much Protein Do You Need To Build Muscle?

If you think of the gym and weightlifting you can’t help but think of protein. When it comes to building muscle all you seem to hear about is protein. If ‘gym bro talk’ was true then all we would need to do is shovel hundreds of grams of protein down our throats to put on kilos of lean muscle. A lot of gym-goers have become so obsessed with protein, that they don’t think about the bigger picture. Why do we need protein to build muscle? And most importantly, how much protein do you actually need to eat on a daily basis for your muscles to grow?

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