It has been a long term goal of mine to become a qualified personal trainer, but working full time has hampered the time available to me to actually complete a course. There are a lot of options out there to become a personal trainer, with a number of different organisations, at a varying range of prices. For me I wanted a course that allowed flexibility to fit around full time work and was not too expensive.

That is when I started to look into online personal training courses and I am now delighted to announce that I am now studying online to become a certified personal trainer with New Skills Academy, who offer a range of online courses including a Level 3 Fitness Diploma.

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Online Personal Training Course

Working a 40 hour week leaves me with very limited time for personal study, but luckily the New Skills Academy course is designed for people who do not have much free time.

The course consists of 32 online modules which teach you all you need to know to take the final exam and become a qualified personal trainer and fitness instructor. The best thing about the course is it is flexible, meaning you can study at your own pace and take as much time as you need to complete the course.

The course is approved by the CPD and the Internal Accreditation Organization, and on completetion will allow you to work as a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor.

What Do You Learn on the PT Course?

The course covers everything you need to know to become a PT. The course begins by outlining useful information about the fitness industry and reveals what it is like to work as a personal trainer.

It was interesting to find out that almost 15% of people in the UK are members of a fitness club and that the average salary for a Level 2 Fitness Instructor is £13,000.

To pass the Level 3 Fitness Diploma there is a lot to learn and there are a number of other modules covering the cardiovascular system, diet and fitness, the effects of exercise on the body, outdoor fitness, yoga instructing and more.

Learning Online

Become a Personal Trainer Online

The best thing about studying to become a personal trainer online is that you have complete control over the pace at which you learn, with no deadlines to meet. The reward of completing the course is an industry recognised certificate and an increase in your knowledge about health, fitness and training.

For me personally, I have always wanted to take this course to increase my understanding of how our bodies function with the ultimate goal of improving my own approach to training. So far I have already drastically improved my knowledge and understanding. The information I have obtained can be applied to my training and also to my writing  on this fitness blog.

I am going to be working hard over the next few weeks to complete the course as quickly as possible!